Monday, 20 October 2014

Because when I talk, I like to talk.

What I have I been up to? Well first I am determined to finish the kitchen. Yup, that is right, the kitchen IS STILL NOT DONE! I have many excuses, mostly that my weekends have been overbooked and my evenings were filled will monstrous homework from a horrible professor. I hate to say that but this last class was the worst class I have ever taken. Professors may be intelligent but that doesn't mean they are meant to teach entry level courses. Now that I passed that course by the skin of my teeth, I am trying to finish the last set of doors and be done with my 8 week kitchen rehaul.

Ace has been in town a little more than usual since his location has changed. It has been really nice. We actually got to use benefits and go to San Francisco for our one year survivingbutlovingeachother anniversary. I bought him a kick ass decanter and matching glasses with his signature on them and he got me a beautiful pendant with Gooses birthstone and diamonds. He has heard me complain several times that they way they mount Gooses birthstone is always so tacky. He put in some serious effort (with the help of other men to be sure) to find the perfect one. We had a great trip... with a fight or two of course. Does anyone vacation without at least one argument? I had my final during that trip and of course the horrid professor posted it late so I spent way too much time working on it. I was stressed to the max. Thankfully we got to our destination Friday night without any hiccups and came home Monday, at a decent time, with no problems. We even got to see the Blue Angles at Fleet Week, which we had no idea was happening when we arrived. Have you ever taken a civilian, soon to be USAF, pilot to or near a military air show? SQUIRREL!

I took a small break from work to recharge in conjunction with our mini vacation. As stated in my previous post, I have been stressed out. This week is me starting fresh. Goose and I went for a 2 mile hike yesterday and today I worked legs like a boss... with no weights. I felt weak haha. I have been working on my blanket and a ton of crafts. My mind has been all over the place. I have created wrapped wine bottles, scored wine bottles to be used as vases or pencil holders, body scrubs, worked on the blanket enough to finish a bale and a half of yarn. I have also re-created the frog terrarium. I have some serious ADHD going one at the moment.

The one thing I haven't done is blogged. I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever and I would like to apologize but I felt like what I had to say, I couldn't say. Now that I have it's pouring out, so keep an eye for most post, more often. Ace would say someone pulled my string hah!

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