Monday, 8 September 2014

Hey you!

Here I am!

I faded out the last few weeks due to a few things. Goose and I both have been sick, I have some unknown inflammation in my ribs and nope, my kitchen is still not finished. I was able to get the frame and the back of the cabinet doors done. Now I just need to flip them and finish the front. I have also started Astronomy and this class is more than I bargained for. I finished my painting for Ace, it was a KC135. I got some inspiration from a few places online and of course mine didn't even come close to what I saw, but it still looks great. I originally painted it for his birthday but I am terrible at secrets and gave it to him early. He loved it! He swears he is taking it to UPT with him but that might be a bit embarrassing for him later down the road.

We made a trip up to Idaho this weekend to see Aces grandparents. Goose loves it up there and so do I. There are no stop lights, just stop signs. There are hay and potato fields everywhere and cows as far as your eyes can see. The scenery is beautiful too. This trip, we made it out to the City of Rocks National Reserve. This place is jaw dropping.

I am not sure many people even know this place exist. This place was many immigrants on their way for a bigger life through the California Trail. In 1852 almost 52,000 people passed through on their way to the gold fields. There is a rock called Camp Rock where many signed their name in wheel oil as they passed through. I took a many pictures of course and there was Goose in 90% of them climbing and exploring. Our stop was quick but we plan to come back and hopefully camp and explore more.

On another note... I have completely slacked in the diet and fitness section of my life. It is hard when Ace is home to behave. He often wants to take me out to eat rather than me having to mess the kitchen up. Or we like to unwind and have terribly sugary drinks together. It is an evil cycle. I don't have any specific goals in mind at the moment but the one I know I need to plan for is the winter. Winter is coming and with that so are the pies and bread and mashed potatoes I love so much. I would like to survive winter without too much damage. In order to do this, I have to get back to the hard work and dedication and remember that everything comes should be enjoyed with portion control. So to get ready for what is to come, I am working on small resolutions, one season at a time.

My fall resolutions:
Finish crocheting a blanket.
Work out at least 3-4 times a week. Go no more than two days without some type of fitness activity.
Lose another 2-5% body fat.
Blog at least 3 times a week.
Paint two more pictures.

That is what, 3 months to get it all done? Not too ambitious :)

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