Monday, 11 August 2014

Why Blog?

Deciding to start a blog is a choice to maintain my sanity the next 2 years.

Why two years? My S/O will soon be leaving to attend the Academy of Military Science (AMS) and then Undergraduate Pilot Training. During this time I will be a single parent to my best little dude, a homeowner, a pet owner, a painter, a carpenter, a landscaper and an Airmen. I fly desk for the Air Force while my s/o is flying multi-million dollar air craft.

Before I was a professional desk jockey, I was a crazy angry child who was just a product of her environment. After many heartbreaks, bad choices and hard lessons learned, I found my way into the Air Force in 2006. I have been to 3 duty stations, 2 deployments and countless TDYs.

I have found myself at a fork in the road after 8 years. I call it my mid career crisis. I love the Air Force but I love my son more. I love my partner. But our jobs will keep us separated and mine will constantly create challenges for me as a mother. Many women do the single parent thing in the military but I see a lot of family support in those situations. That is not true for me. My sons father is currently close but he too is AD and will be one day moving on to his next duty station. To think of ripping my child's life up constantly for the military just seems unfair. He will adapt of course but at what cost? I will also not be able to maintain a healthy relationship if I am moving away from this current location. My S/O is ANG and will be stationed here as well as based here with his commerical airline job. Asking him to commute to two different jobs would not be conducive to our relationship. This causes me a certain anxiety as the military is my security blanket. It is what I have known for 8 years. So the thought of leaving and pursing a civilian career has come about. That is one of the biggest steps in my adult life. I have the potential for a very successful military career but to leave it all behind for love?

Someone told me that "at the end of the day though, I think that we only live once and if you've found that person you want to be with, at one point or another you have to stop the madness of being geographically separated and make the final commitment to one another to be together. it's a tough choice, but an easy one if you know that you're supposed to be with that person"

What choice would you make?

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