Saturday, 16 August 2014

The only color I see is white

So I decided to tackle my kitchen while Goose and Ace are both away. I almost immediately regretted it! I read Virgina's instructions on her blog, LiveLoveDIY here and thought this would be a piece of cake. I had stain blocking primer left over from when I painted Gooses bathroom last year. I spent a total of $93 to get a new paint brush, a few small rollers, sand paper and an orbital sander. The sander was good for big pieces but I still prefer to hand sand and I have a lot of bevels and small doors.

Really this hasn't been that hard but the taping off everything and removing the doors and hardware is time consuming. Then I had to fill all the holes and sand and sand and did I mention sand again? I've just finished up two coats of primer on all the lower half of the kitchen framing and the doors. Next is paint but I thought I would show you a bit of my progress.

If you are thinking of doing yours, do it! Take the time to read up on everyone's experiences, tips and advice before you jump head first.

Here are a few other sites with instructions on painting your kitchen cabinets.

How To Nest for Less


Here is the starting point. From a distance you might think I am crazy for even wanting to paint these.
Then we get up close and personal and you can see the damage.

I believe that the last prep wasn't done properly or maybe it was cheap paint.
Everything is taped off and ready for work.
I removed all the hardware and placed them in a page so I do not lose them.
First round of primer
Two coats of primer and we are ready for one more round of sanding and then paint!
I think the rooms already looks brighter!

*I started with the bottom because I know I will not have time this weekend to complete the entire kitchen and Goose comes back Monday and my next college class starts as well.

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