Wednesday, 20 August 2014

All I need is a few cats

Crocheting. I am still not sure why I pick up these projects. I have honestly only ever finished one item. But here I am again trying to take on a new stitch. My goal is to make a blanket to give to Ace for his dorm room at UPT. Kind of corny but he likes sentimental things like that and even in the past mentioned I should make him a blanket. So this will be my secret project. His birthday, our one year anniversary and Christmas are all coming up really soon. Sorting out what to buy and when to give it is already giving me a headache.

I am also already thinking of Christmas gifts for others. I don't typically do gifts for all of my family. It becomes quite expensive with all the sisters, nieces and nephews and shipping cost. I usually send out cards and a few small gifts for my parents and my best friend and her girls. This year we are spending Christmas with Aces family and they are big on gifts. It is difficult for me because I do not know where to even begin. So I am thinking that I could make some crocheted infinity scarves and some of my own homemade body scrub. I have some pretty ambitious crocheting goals, I know.

Oh and an update on the kitchen. I have 9 doors and 3 drawers left that must be started from the first step. Another 7 doors and 3 drawers that need the fronts painted. The bottom half of the counters need their final coat of paint and the tops have been primed and are ready. I plan to tackle this this weekend, as cleaning up paint every work night is just too much work. Elijah will be home so it should be interesting trying to get this finished in a timely manner.

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