Friday, 15 August 2014

A Day in the Life and Fitness

An average day for me goes like this

0500 - Snooze.
0510 - Snooze again
0530 - Oh shit, get up and get ready for PT
0550 - Wake Goose up and get his clothes out, and breakfast ready.
0600- Cheer lead him to eat, get his stuff, kennel the dogs, shove 14 bags into my car
0615 - Head to base
0640 - Drop Goose off at the Center For Child Development (CDC)
0700 - PT
0800 - Shower, head to work
0900 - work. Or something like that.
I usually work through the lunch hour. Lunch is what I have I prepped on Sunday
1600 - mad dash for the gym
1700 - Pick up Goose and head to either his or my own Taekwondo class
1845 - Get home, throw dinner together
1930 - Clean the kitchen (maybe) and settle down and relax with kiddo. If I am in class, then I also use this time to hang out in the same room but do my homework instead.
2100 - Send Goose on his way to bed time prep. I have been blessed in that he likes his sleep but I have had to adjust his schedule a bit. He use to go to bed at 8 but would play and come out for more water or kisses or toys... Now an hour later, he tends to hit the sheets and stay there.
2130 - Shower and pack my bags for the next day
2230-2300- Hit the hay!

I am blessed right now that Gooses father is 3 miles down the road from me. We share custody and have a great working relationship. On those days that he goes to his dads, I still do TKD but when I come home I might do a light dinner and get on any project or homework I may have at hand. Sometimes I might even be able to catch up with one of my shows.

What do I do in the gym? Random stuff. Not the extreme random that you see those crazies dancing on the treadmill do. Actually, I think I can count on one hand how many times I have gotten on the treadmill for a legit workout. I hate that thing with a passion. I typically pick my work out from or I try and plan my workouts depending on what we have done for PT. Sometimes I am too wore out and I can't make a second workout or I may have a sparring session with TDK coming up and I want to save my legs. I try to get weights in at least 3 times a week and then my cardio is covered by PT and basketball on Sundays.

Last year I weighed 170lbs at 5'3. I couldn't sleep right, my knees hurt all the time, I felt so gross. After I separated from my ex, I realized that I wasn't happy. Isn't that how it goes? I ramped up my time in the gym. I spoke to a nutrionalist and got a handle on my diet. I had previously worked with trainers so I took advantage of the tools I already had and applied them. Within the first two months of changing my diet and adding weights, I dropped nearly 20lbs of fat. I went and had a measurement of my body fat done in our local BODPOD. I was still at a 39%. I kicked it up yet another notch and added taekwondo to my life. I went from a size 13 to a size 8. I have done well to maintain the size 8 and lost another 10lbs of body fat. I think that too many people get caught up on numbers and clothing sizes but I tried not too. I saw the changes happening. I took photos and compared them side by side. I may weigh 150lbs but my body composite is completely different. I still carry fatty layers on my arms, abs and thighs. This part is the part that takes HARDCORE dedication which I have not had. Lets just say dating is terrible for the diet! So many great meals, movies with popcorn, nights drinking and BSing.

I have encouraged Ace to join me on my journey and we struggle a bit with creating a routine with his schedule but we are slowly getting there together. We have limited our alcohol intake and we try to be conscious of the food we are putting in our body. Though he spends most of his time in a hotel he is finding ways to eat healthy too! He purchased a small George Foreman and has been cooking his own chicken. Ace also purchased steamable veggies and rice to eat along side his protein. The hotel offers a breakfast and light dinner so he grabs oatmeal, eggs and fruit for the day and picks healthy choices at night.

Changing your life style is never easy but I am here to say it is totally worth it! I may have a little ways to go to hit my next goal but I am still going and that is what matters. No matter the excuses, no matter the set backs, so long as you are committed and continue to do your best, that is what counts.

If you cannot make it to the gym due to $$, time or children, there are plenty of online resources. Body weight exercises are a great starting point.

Say it with me, NO MORE EXCUSES!

Fitness Blender has a pletra of videos on YouTube - start here with an At Home Butt and Thigh workout w/Cardio -

Maybe you would like PopSugar Fitness workouts instead - here is there 10 minute Anywhere Workout -

Zuzka Light Channel has a ton of her older videos that are quick, intense and can be done anywhere -

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